13 Luca Stroici Street
District 2, Bucharest

The best that the city has to offer

The centre of Bucharest is a place full of life and fascinating stories. A place that grows and changes every few months. Today you learn about a new chic restaurant, tomorrow a cozy pastry shop is the next best thing and after that a lovely bookshop might just pop up. Not to mention the wide offer of cultural activities that make the city centre so alive.

You can enjoy all of it if you move to Luca Stroici street, the address of Premio, located in an area where the old financial centre used to be. The spectacular old houses still preserve the glamorous feeling of that age. Now it's the most exciting part of the city, conveniently located near lots of interesting places, such as Bulandra theatre, Carturesti bookshop or Gradina Icoanei just to name a few. Apart from the city vibe, there are also many other advantages if you choose to live here. It’s easy to get pretty much anywhere. You are also surrounded by some of the finest shops and restaurants. Also, some of the best kindergartens, schools and parks are within walking distance, so your children would be privileged too.